Progressive Swim Awards

The JEM Swim Awards Scheme has a badge with your Name on it! , no matter what your age or ability, we believe every Triumph deserves a Medal. The JEM progression system will encourage every single JEM swimmer to improve and stretch for that Next Level of achievement. JEM will guide you to success and help you become a confident, happy swimmer.

Step by Step

Swim for Success

JEM Swim School provides an incentive-based swimming skills scheme – through the STA International Learn to Swim Programme (ILSP) and millions of children worldwide have learned to swim and develope through this system to great success. With this proven and trusted system we have encouraged and promoted all our students to achieve their goals in swimming skills and many go further into competive swimming galas and clubs.

JEM Holistics

Sensitive Teaching

JEM recognises the diversity and difference that pupils bring to the pool, we accept that learning to swim occurs at many different ages and can progress at varying paces. We also appreciate the need to consider the most compatible swimming teachers to best serve the vast array and variety of pupils and adult students. Within this system we can apply a variety of technique and teaching approach methodologies that we feel will produce the best results.

JEM will always maintain safety and quality standards without compromise, it’s our mantra, Safety First! … always.

The ILSP consists of five progressive schemes which are interlinked. There is a standalone scheme for people with disabilities, supporting awards for the more competent swimmer and diver and an introduction to the First Aid award.

JEM Awards Chart

JEM Swim School Progression Chart

Trust in JEM

We will help You Achieve

The ILSP offers a fun, comprehensive and engaging learn to swim programme supported by vibrant eye catching certificates available at a cost effective rate, accompanied by free success trackers for children and parents to track success and stay motivated throughout the programme. Helping children recognise that great sense of achievement. There is also a full range of marketing material available to support the programme, from pop up banners, posters and even STAnley the seal cuddly toys.

Highly Experienced Teachers

Whilst the ILSP is a complete and comprehensive scheme it also recognises that many organisations may have adopted an alternative learn to swim scheme or have devised their own scheme. With this in mind, comparisons to other schemes have been identified, making it easy for operators to transfer to the ILSP. We also have a supporting ILSP CPD that can be booked to help you and your teachers get up to date with the ILSP.

STA Approved

Qualifications & Memberships
The Swimming Teachers’ Association
We are proud to say we are a member of the STA Star Swim School Programme.
This means we have a unique stamp of approval from the UK’s leading swimming association that we work to the highest standards in safety, teaching and customer service.

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JEM Swim School - Success Tracker