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Welcome to JEM Swim School's DESK, the online information centre for all JEM swimming pupils / students enrolled into JEM Swim School swimming lessons. JEM swimming lessons are held in various locations in and around Belfast, Holywood, Newtownards and are available to book online seven days a week. We believe that all swimming progress and attainment should be rewarded, recognized and officially certified with a JEM Award. Our first aim is to have happy, confident progressive swimmers that gain and achieve success.

All JEM students and parents are invited to visit our online JEM Swim Desk which will enable them to view all the facts, figures, classes, progress and developments they can aim for since joining JEM's and enrolling into a JEM Swim School class or private swimming lessons.

JEM Swim Awards

  • StarFish 1 - Details
  • Stanley 1 - Details
  • Octopus 1 - Details
  • GoldFish 1 - Details
  • AngelFish 1 - Details
  • Shark 1 - Details
  • StarFish 2 - Details
  • Stanley 2 - Details
  • Octopus 2 - Details
  • GoldFish 2 - Details
  • Stanley 6
  • Angelfish 2
  • Sharks 2 - Details
  • STAR FISH 3 - Details
  • Stanley 3 - Details
  • Octopus 3
  • GoldFish 3 - Details
  • Stanley 4
  • AngelFish 3
  • StarFish 5
  • Sharks 3

Babies, Kids, Adults

Swimming Lessons

At JEM’s we have a recognized skills pathway of achievement for all our students, no matter what their age or ability. Our reward and certificate programme begins with our little one’s in JEM Babies, and extends right through from 3yr old to JEM Beginners, JEM Improvers and JEM Swimmers in all age groups. So, no matter what your age or ability, we have a swimming pathway future to suit you, with progression at your pace to suit your ability. Tots, Kids, Improvers and Adults will all be aiming for that First or Next Level of swimming skill achievement and certificate of skills through the STA’s ILSP, International Learn to Swim Programme.    

  • JEM Angelfish Awards
    Once JEM swimmers have completed the Goldfish Series they can progress to the Angelfish Series. On completion of the 3 progressive awards in this series, swimmers will be capable of swimming 25 metres
    JEM Goldfish Awards
    The GoldFish programme at Jem Swim School is designed to be the next stage for swimmers who have progressed through either the Stanley First Steps Series or First Steps Octopus Series. The GoldFish series will require skills that will include a Swim 5 metres on front, roll over and swim 5 metres on back. GoldFish is  a series of 3 progressive awards expanding on skills in a
    JEM Awards Chart
    The JEM Swim Awards Scheme has a badge with your Name on it! , no matter what your age or ability, we believe every Triumph deserves a Medal. The JEM progession system will encourage every single JEM swimmer to improve and stretch for that Next Level of achievement. JEM will guide you to success and help you become a confident, happy swimmer.
    JEM Octopus Awards
    The Octopus series at JEM Swim School is an exciting series of 3 progressive awards specifically designed for older children aged between 5 up to 10 years old. This enables the older child to
    JEM Shark Awards
    JEM Swim School are pleased to have such talented children in this group of Shark swimmers. On completion of the Angelfish Series, learners progress to the Shark Series. This series educates learners in
  • JEM Stanley Awards
    The JEM Swim School Programme aims to provide a complete progressive aquatic pathway for Learners and Improvers of all ages to progress from their first aquatic experiences through to becoming safe proficient swimmers.The
    Stanley 1
    JEM Swim School will accept children from 3 years old into our Learn to Swim Programme, Stanley 1 is at the beginning of our Learn to Swim process. Our classes are designed to
    Stanley 2
    Stanley level 2 will introduce children into a structured Swim class setting at JEM Swim School. We aim to attract children from the 3 – 8 age group for this class and help improve their confidence and water safety while teaching them the skill elements required to begin swimming. Children will quickly learn the skills being taught by their teacher during these sessions and grow in confidence
    Stanley 3
    Stanley level 3 at JEM’s is for children that have gained water confidence and some swimming pool skills and experience. They will use arm discs and woggles to assist swimmer’s development and for safety. Take a closer look at Stanley 3 class skills set for your child. This Beginners class will accommodate children into JEM swimming classes with the teacher along side them in the pool for
    Stanley 4
    Being a JEM Beginner in a Stanley level 4 class, we can see just how the building block skills are being learned by our young swimming students. Confidence and safety awareness is also
    Stanley 5
    JEM swimmers will now approach the Beginners Plus+ group of little ones that are well on their way to becoming a little swimmer. Children will only progress up through the Plus+ group once
  • Stanley 6
    This JEM course content and focus is designed for children who are confident in the water and are able to swim 5 meter distances independently without the use of floatation aids. Our aim
    Stanley 7
    Stanley 7 at this JEM class requires a comfortable and visual display of second nature awareness in and around the pool environment. New swimming distances of up to 10mtrs on both front and
    Stanley Super Star
    Champions are born at JEM’s and winning this Super Stanley STAR award will make you feel like one. This award cumulates the end of the Stanley Series of awards, leading the way into the GoldFish Series of achievements and awards in the future
    JEM Babies – StarFish
    JEM Parent & Baby Swim Class – STARFISH is an innovative series of 6 progressive awards designed to introduce babies from a few months old with the accompanying adult to a water adventure where water confidence and safety skills are introduced. We offer opportunities for Baby & Parent to bond like no other activity can equal
    JEM Swimming Awards
    The JEM Swim Awards Scheme has a badge with your Name on it! , no matter what your age or ability, we believe every Triumph deserves a Medal. The JEM progession system will

    Learn to Swim

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    JEM Swim Desk is a place for Jem swimmers to come and study their own progress through teacher assessment and skill scored outcomes. We have an outstanding reputation over a 19 year history of providing the very best swimming lessons and curriculum available today, with this online learning resource now available to deliver a step by step certificate and award scheme, clearly and concisely explained. This will help both Parents and students focus on their aquatic goals now, and moving forward into the future, working with progress through the awards scheme system and gaining achievable certified rewards.

    JEM Swimmers are guided, encouraged and prepared for success, each enrolled student will receive expert tuition in their swim class from highly experienced and qualified JEM Swimming Teachers.  Each student, whether in classes or private sessions, will have the best possible pathway forward for achievement in aquatic skills and graded progressive attainment.

    Swim for Success

    Join JEM's and Swim for Success, we have an Awards programme that will map out your swimming progress and curriculum no matter what your age, stage or ability. From an absolute Beginner (Child or Adult) through to an accomplished swimmer, we can make you better.

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    Cross Reference awards

    If you have been swimming under a different Awards / Level system, we can equate that award to our system and place you in the appropriate class. We can adjust your class ability level to suit your progress rate, which means you can move up when You are ready.

    Swimming Lessons

    At JEM's we offer and provide swimming lessons for Babies, Kids and Adults too! We have four venues over Belfast, Holywood Newtownards seven days a week, day and evening sessions, so you are sure to find a class to suit you. Why not learn a New life skill for you or your children and start to open more opportunities up for New experiences, Join JEM's now, and start swimming, you won't regret it. We are here to help You.



    Parent & Baby - Six progressive awards designed to introduce babies to a water adventure where confidence and safety skills are introduced.

    Stanley - Kids 3yrs +
    Stanley - Kids 3yrs +

    Stanley - First Steps for Kids 3yr+ Seven progressive awards designed to teach learners basic swimming and water safety skills.

    Octopus - Start 5yrs +
    Octopus - Start 5yrs +

    Octopus Series - First Steps 5-8yrs, First Steps series of 3 progressive awards specifically designed for children aged between 5 to 8 years old.

    GoldFish - Early Swimmers
    GoldFish - Early Swimmers

    This programme is for kids who have progressed through either the Stanley FIRST Steps Series or Octopus FIRST steps Series.

    AngelFish - Swimmers
    AngelFish - Swimmers

    AngelFish - Swimmers
    Prepares children to swim 25m without aid, mastering sculling (tread water - rescue & survival) techniques and entries to the water.

    Sharks - Adv. Swimmers
    Sharks - Adv. Swimmers

    JEM SHARKS educates advanced swimmers in basic water rescue and survival techniques as well as starts and turns stroke technique and basic diving.